Studio Muir - A San Francisco based interior design firm

Studio Muir

Studio Muir is a boutique, San Francisco-based design firm dedicated to creating innovative and beautiful modern spaces. We support our clients in making informed decisions, nurturing their visions and balancing their priorities, while having fun along the way. 

Kenly Lambie Shankman is Studio Muir’s principal and founder. Kenly has designed homes and buildings in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has a passion for finding and improving upon a building’s unique character, incorporating her own modern detailing seamlessly while respecting the building’s history.

Studio Muir is the namesake of Kenly’s grandmother, Edla Muir, who was an outrageously talented, pioneering female architect. She had her own architectural practice from 1946-1968 and primarily designed modern homes for Stars in Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades. Edla has served as an incredible inspiration throughout Kenly’s life. 


A design practice is never a solitary effort. Thank you to the following creative friends who make the work we do shine.

Nicole Franzen, Photographer (Broderick, Guerrero, Haight, McAllister, and Sproule)
Kate Jones, Stylist
Hope Meng, Branding and Graphic Design
Mariko Reed, Photographer (Cesar Chavez)


phone.   415 851 8335
social.    @studiomuir